August 10, 2011

News from Dea

Information about Dea Lieu's work, his home country and his people.

July 14, 2011

Leadership Development
Board members and their guests

The Christian Association to fight poverty which was formed in the course of the year 2007 has experienced some growth. At that time there was a few dozens of farmers and small skill business men and women that were affiliated and had received after training a total of $ 5000.00 in small loans.
Very rapidly the news spread and membership in just a few years grew from the dozens of farmers and small skill entrepreneurs to about five hundred members. With the generous donation of our Norh American partners the loan fund also grew from $ 5000.00 to $30,000.00.
The board of directors aware of the need of a greater managerial skill requested a week long training.
Our West African facilitator in charge of training is an American citizen and not very fluent in French so she  found a Canadian French speaking couple Gert and Martha Kollenhoven to be translators of the course. Dereck, intern at LEAD LIBERIA also joined the group and led the morning devotion.
From left to right Dereck intern  
LEAD, Gerard, Renita, Armande
and Martha
Board members during work shop
For five consecutive days all the nine board members faithfully attended the classes.It was a great time of learning and sharing and nobody wanted to miss any session. Topics such as the Four Pillars of Partner Worldwide, Good Governance, Role of Board members, strategic planning, Pricing & Cost Analysis and many other important topics were discussed.
Meanwhile life in the country has not been not safe. The struggle for power continues to shake the entire nation. Gun men were all over and traveling became dangerous. We heard many stories of heavily armed rogues cutting roads. They not only stole money from travelers but also indulged in raping women. At times fighting broke out between rebels and governments forces. Thanks to God and the international peace keeping forces things quited down.
Every day we sensed the stage was getting set for violent confrontation; consequently business became slower and our clients had difficult time to increase their businesses or even pay back their loans.

May 31, 2011

Program Activities
Trainees during a  Session
The fight against poverty has prevailed throughout the story of salvation. Though the goal of the Lord in the Scriptures is to fight sin and set mankind free from the grip of sin, complete freedom is at the core of salvation. In his books, Moses mentions several times how much the Lord cares about the material needs as well as spiritual ones. Unfortunately spiritual needs have been prioritized turning Christianity into the opium of the people.

Trainees Coming Out for a Break
The Christian Association to Fight Poverty(ACLCP) has set its goal to spreading the good news in a practical way such that people will see and touch what the Scriptures mean when it talks about the love of God and the freedom in which He calls us. Teaching the hurting people how to care for themselves and providing them with seed money in the form of small loans seem to us very key in our endeavour to spread the gospel. In the past year we scheduled four training sessions. Our classroom which was designed to seat 50 people was filled such that we asked our church to borrow us some benches.

A hog farm the small loan program funded
One of the major topics of our session is business as a mission. We have realised that farm and small skill businesses are occupations that provide resources to thousands of people. For us as disciples called to bring people to live a Christ- like life, we have a huge opportunity if we would consider these areas as our mission.

A layers' production farm co-funded
by the owner and ACLCP 
Our small loan program which has disbursed over $32,000 has been a very good incentive for all those willing to practice their occupations as a mission.

May 17, 2011

I Am Back!

For several reasons, I have been unable to update this blog. Praise the Lord things are getting better with me and my ministry and my country as well.

In the near future I will post new items.

Please check back soon!

November 21, 2010

More Info on Dea

Please continue to remember Dea in prayer. In addition to his Caring Bridge site, a Facebook page has been set up.

You can also learn more by reading the article which appeared in the Sioux City Journal.

First Christian Reformed Church in Sioux Center, IA has more information here, along with a way for you to contribute to help with Dea's expenses.

November 14, 2010

Update on Dea's Health
Dea's kidney functions are deteriorating. Please remember Dea, Charlotte, his children and his work in your prayers. Please click here to view the Caring Bridge site which has been set up to keep you updated on Dea's condition.

October 23, 2010

Meet Dea's Family!

This picture was taken after Dea was reunited with his family after being gone for 4 years.
Dea had been working hard on his college degree in the USA while Charlotte was raising their beautiful family back home in Côte d'Ivoire.
Front row (L to R): Lieu Doumun Denis Fabien, Lieu Nouihilet Ange Victorian, Lieu Monda Armande & a niece
Second row: Dea, Charlotte & Lieu Kapeu Desire Michel
Last row: Lieu Keumion Jean Louis